On Turning 40

A wise man told me recently,

"We spend our 20s and 30s figuring out what God made us for and we spend our 40s and 50s living it out."

That is exactly the place I feel like I'm at. At this time of my life:

I am madly in love with my wife. Janie is still my best friend, lover and partner in ministry. I love the season we are in where she is devoted to her role as mom and in her role with Stadia

My number one ministry is to my family. I love the young men Chase and Jackson are turning into. They both are insanely talented but I love most that they devour God's Word and the fruit of that is evident in many ways. Last night I was praying beside their beds and I was overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility, "I get to be their dad." I'm also thrilled to be at the early stages of parenthood at 40. I have friends from High School who are seeing their kids go off to college already and I can't imagine that. I am a much better dad now then I would have been even ten years ago.

I love the adventure that God has put me on in my life but I am so hungry for more. When I turned 30 I had just been married for less than three months and I was in a safe job that I felt I was coasting in. Since then God has led Janie and me to starting churches in Miami, FL, adopting and parenting two phenomenal young men, traveling the world helping care for orphans, and leading a rapidly growing church through one of the hardest growth barriers. All that in the last 10 years. What's next God? Adventure is out there!

I am definitely the most confident in leadership than I have ever been. Other people's expectations of me used to consume and drive me, but now I am much more aware of WHO I serve. At the end of the day He is the One I want to please. 

I contribute most of who I am today to past experiences where I was willing to take big risks but failed. I once read that one quality that Walt Disney looked for in hiring high-level leaders was seeing if they had "a good, hard failure" in their past and how they responded to it. That is something I have adopted when I hire as well. 

I ran a lot in my 30s. According to my Nike Plus app in the last several years I have run across the United States. But I see many more marathons and half marathons in my 40s. I am going to own the hashtag #FitAfter40. And since my partner in crime Chris Steele is dropping lbs. like crazy, my uber-competitive spirit is kicking into overdrive so I also want to be #FitterThanSteele. 

And one final reason I am stoked to turn 40 is I have been waiting to make this soundbite below my ringtone for years. 


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