Easter 2016


1. We love going all out on Resurrection Sunday. Last year we built a boxing ring on stage, this year we built a bridge because that is what Jesus is. The Bridge. Thanks to my friends Shawn Johnson, Dan Hooper and Michael Martin for constructing the bridge for us. It was a great tool to use to help communicate the great news of the resurrection as clearly and plainly as possible. 

2. The family of North Terrace just continues to expand and we still have room for more! We had 1,550 people during our three services and shattered our previous attendance record by 200 people. 

3. This video got the reaction I was hoping for! 

4. We also introduced the $1 More buckets yesterday. As we go through our "Love Does" teaching series we are asking everyone to drop in $1 each Sunday and the total amount given each week will go to a person/family in the North Terrace family who has a need and we will bless them with what is collected. The people in North Terrace are among the most generous I have seen so I can't wait to see what God does through this act of worship.  

5.  I couldn't be prouder of the staff and all of our volunteer leaders who left it all on the field during our community egg hunt on Saturday and during our three services Sunday. The vision of "One More"  is driving all of us because we want to see the immeasurably more that God has in store for us. Chris Steele even went into the office today to go through all of connect cards looking for all of our guests to make they were followed up with. Did I mention the office is closed today?

6. After church we came home and I was running on empty but full from all God did through us. Janie had a great Easter lunch ready for us, and as usual made things extra special for the boys. Their Easter baskets had new Crocs, chocolate bunnies, candy and packs of baseball cards. When did they stop putting gum in the packs? Clearly it's been a while.

7. Later in the afternoon I took the boys back to the church and took them on stage to privately talk to them about how Jesus is The Bridge for us to find our way back to God. Jackson, our little six-year old theologian said, "Daddy, it's like Jesus took all of his good stuff and traded them for all of our sins!" I couldn't have said it any better little man. 

8. Lastly, I didn't think there would be any way to get our new dogs Zoe and Chloe in a family shot but apparently they are more photogenic then I thought. 

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