The Big Mo

Only one word describes what we are experiencing in 2016 at North Terrace ... MOMENTUM

The first Sunday in January we had an all time high of children in the NT Kids area. The next Sunday that record was broken. And yesterday it happened ... AGAIN. 

Yesterday's Starting Point Lunch was the largest we have ever had as well. 

It is so much fun to meet and hear from so many new people how they came to North Terrace and why. I asked one guy who was with his wife and holding one of his two daughters and he looked at the girls and said, "It's just time, you know?" I do indeed. It never gets old seeing young parents getting intentional about raising up their children so that they will know about the God who is crazy about them. 

It's not just young families God is pursuing though. One older gent I talked to yesterday told me, "This past Christmas Eve was the first time I'd been back in a church building in 48 years." Curiously, I asked what it was that kept him away. He said, "The church that I attended back then just made everything feel like a funeral. My first experience at North Terrace was when we gave the big tip to the pizza guy. That's what the Church should be." Preach. It. Brother. As a matter of fact, it was after that conversation I decided to write a message for an upcoming series called, "Jesus is the Life of the Party."

We were in week 3 of 4 of the WITH series and we focused on the times in our life when it feels like we are with no one. We looked at how David "encouraged himself in the Lord" even when his relational life was in complete meltdown. 

One next step was to GET WITH GOD on a regular basis. Click on the image below for a variety of reading plans on to help you navigate the Bible and begin to develop that essential spiritual habit.  Remember, God wants to spend time with you! We need to learn to be alone with Him. 

We are working hard on our next series called Happily, Even After. We have had such an overwhelming response during our WITH series, we decided to hone in on one specific kind of relationship ... romance. It is the season of Cupid after all. We will be breaking down the book of Ruth, so if you want to get a head start make that your first reading plan as you get with God. 

Whatever you do don't come alone to the Happily, Even After series. We have created some e-Valentines that you can use to invite others to this series. Go on over to the North Terrace Facebook page and choose the valentine that you like the best and share it! Let's keep praying that God will continue moving and changing lives and let's continue doing our part in reaching that ONE MORE!

#MMOC is a weekly blog recapping the action that occurred in my life as the Lead Minister at North Terrace Church in Zanesville, OH. If you live in the Zanesville area we invite you to be part of the epic story God is writing through NT.