A Letter to Chase: On Your 11th Birthday



Happy 11th birthday! Every year I think it’s not possible for me to be any more proud of you and every year you blow away my expectations. This year started by getting your passport stamped for your first mission trip to El Salvador. I wasn’t 100% sure you were ready for such a cross-cultural experience but you handled it like a champ and jumped in wherever we went. I love watching you expand your horizons and I hope this is just one of many places we will get to explore together. You are a great travel companion!

I also couldn’t be more thrilled that you have fallen in love with tennis! Tennis was my favorite sport when I was in high school but I stopped playing shortly after I graduated. Now not only do I get to watch you play and quickly improve but you got me playing again! It’s so cool that you and I have our own thing now and by the next time I write one of these birthday letters you might just beat me for the first time (but don’t count on it buddy!).


This year you went to your first Christ in Youth conference at SuperStart in Cincinnati with a bunch of kids from Discovery Christian Church. Seeing you worship God, eat and drink your body weight in sugar, make new friends and share wisdom in our small group was something I will never forget. God is building you into an incredible world changer and He has big plans for you. I am confident of that.


I love your entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that when you want something (like a bearded dragon) you are driven to make it happen. This summer you washed cars, sold lemonade, chips, baked cookies, and made homemade organic dog treats!!! Each time I thought you might come back disappointed with a few bucks but each time you were successful and one time you walked in the door with a $40 profit! As a result, at this moment you are very close to walking into PetSmart and getting your bearded dragon just please don’t name it Bob.

This Fall I have been coaching your brothers baseball team. Even though baseball is not your thing you have been an amazing assistant coach. I love the way you help our catchers get in their gear, how you encourage the players when they come back to the dugout after making a great play, and help get the field ready for action.

I love you so much Chase. I can’t believe I get to be the guy God chose to be your dad. What a fantastic and wonderful job. Thanks for being you. And have the happiest of birthdays!

Your Dad