A Letter to Jackson: On Your 10th Birthday


Happy Birthday Jackson!

So last year’s birthday letter was based off of “One Shot” the popular song from the musical Hamilton because you listen to that soundtrack all the time. You even dressed as him for a report at school this past year. I think Alexander Hamilton is a pretty cool hero for you since he’s a guy who came to the US from a foreign island and made a big difference in history. As your mom and I have told you and your brother from early on, “God has big plans for you.”

So for your birthday weekend celebration we are excited to road trip New York City to watch Hamilton on Broadway! Don’t worry, I will be sitting right next to you ready to elbow you in the gut every time you are tempted to burst out into song. Remember other people around us paid to hear the actors sing and rap … not you Jackson. You can sing in the car all you want.


Thanks to the weather system that went through the northeast on Wednesday and postponed Game 4 of the ALCS we are also going to be able to go to Game 5 at Yankees Stadium! I was able to score us four tickets in right field so you can be near your baseball hero Aaron Judge. I can’t wait to experience this entire weekend with you Jackson.

Your love and dedication for the game of baseball is awesome. You have such a sweet swing and the coolest batting stance! It’s been so much fun this Fall Ball Season being your coach (especially since we ended the regular season in first place — no I’m not at all competitive). Not only are you are the MVP on the field but I am even more proud of the leader you are in dugout. You are constantly encouraging teammates who strike out and cheering on those who make great plays.


Jackson, God has given you all kinds of gifts and talents and He wants you to use those for His Kingdom. Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much will be expected.” As long as you keep pursuing after Jesus the way that you do, He will use you to make an even bigger impact on the world than Hamilton did.


I am so proud to be your daddy. I love that you introduced me to the song “Dear Theodosia” and it made me tear up when I first listened to it. As Alexander Hamilton’s character sings to his son Philip in that song, “We’ll give the world to you and you’ll blow us all away.”

For a long time I’ve prayed that God would use my life to make a massive difference in the world but I know now that the biggest responsibility God has for your mom and me is pointing you and Chase to Jesus because you have the potential to do far more than we ever could through Him. There will be many, many people who will tell the story of Jesus because of your impact on their life.

I love you Jackson!