A Letter to Chase: On Your 9th Birthday


You are such a cool kid, Chase! The other day I turned on your music playlist that you created and I noticed you've gone from songs about Pokemon to artists like Green Day, Weezer, Queen and Radiohead. Seriously, Radiohead? I don't think I ever knew any Radiohead songs and now I'm liking their music because you are teaching me! Again, you are such a cool kid. 


Not to mention all the hard work you have put into learning to play guitar. Years ago, I taught myself to play a few chords and can muddle through a few songs but you surpassed my knowledge and playing ability a long time ago and I marvel at the way you have picked it up. One day when you're playing in front of thousands and you throw your pick into the crowd I'll be the one catching it because I am and will always be your biggest fan. 

You are also a helper. It's in your nature. From an early start when your mom and I were church planters in Miami you were quick to jump in and help carry equipment and setup things for the band and the kids area. Today you are helping run the lights, sound and slides for NT Kids at North Terrace. Love it!

Chase, I love how much you love the outdoors. You would rather be camping, fishing and hiking and I would rather stay in a hotel and lounge by the pool. That said, I love hanging out with you so if that means I have to learn those things, I'm in. You just need to add those to the growing list of the "Things I Need to Teach Dad to Do." 

There are many reasons why I am proud that you are my son. The most proud I've ever been of you was earlier this year when you told us that you heard God say it was time for you to follow Jesus. So keep following Him and whenever you can keep trying to raise your dad's coolness factor.

You have a tough job ahead of you. 

Happy 9th birthday! Now let's make the most of this year before we start moving to double digits! I love you Chase!