A Letter to Jackson: On Your 8th Birthday


Dear Jackson,


One of my all-time most favorite things is when I come home from the office and you are waiting for me with ball glove and baseball in hand ready to play catch. I have such great memories of playing catch in the backyard with my dad (your grandpa) and one day I am sure you will do the same with your kids. I love your obsession with baseball and your drive to be the best you can be and your improvement over the past year has been remarkable. I am very proud of the work ethic you are developing but I also want you to always remember why work hard. God is the one who gave you the talents you have so whether it is school work, drums, baseball or anything else we do it as an act of worship to Him. That means we give Him our best. He has given you a heap of talent so He expects you to use them for Him. 

This year we had our first broken bone between you and your brother. That in itself is a miracle with how busy the two of you are. I know the first day in your cast was frustrating as you were realizing your limitations for the next three weeks. You handled the whole process like a champ. I was also honored to be one of the handful of people you allowed to sign your cast!

It was NOT an honor to be one of the few that smelled your foot after the cast came off.

You are such a joy to have as a son, Jackson. You have a laugh that is contagious. Your smile lights up any room that you enter. And when the camera comes on ... well, it's showtime. 

Your mom and I think we have you pegged as an introvert like me which makes sense because you would rather be home and having fun with the family than anything else. You have such a unique and special bond with each person in the family. You are head over heels for your mom and often times I wake up at night to find that you have snuck into our bed to snuggle with her. You are BFF with Chase. During the day you two are off on your bikes looking for adventure and many nights you talk late into the night in your bunk beds telling stories and planning for adventures to come. I am forever grateful God made sure you two found one another. But to me you will always be my little baseball buddy. Here's to many more days ahead of playing catch. 

You are eight! You rocked seven. Eight has no idea what The Jack-Attack is about to do to it. 

I love you!