Do Not Read This Blog While Hungry (or during a body detox)

Chase and Jackson, 

It is a tradition in the Mehaffey home that every New Year's Eve we feast on a slow cooked Prime Rib dinner ... at least it is now since I cooked one for the first time as we celebrated the end of 2016.

Right now I am one week into a month long body detox where your mom and I have cut out all coffee, sugar, breads and red meat and writing about prime rib is the best substitute I can think of. 

When you get older you will want to know how to make a special meal for a date or for your family and this is one that will be sure to WOW everyone at the table (if your date is a vegetarian, it wasn't meant to be). 

The Prep

Contact your local butcher and order a prime rib roast. The one I ordered was 8 lbs (3 bones) and could have fed 8 adults easily. I asked them to cut the meat away from the bone but not all the way. You will also need salt, pepper, horseradish, garlic powder, carrots and onions. 

Rub the salt, pepper and garlic powder generously all over the rib roast. 

Time to Cook

Place the roast bones down on a bed of chopped carrots and onions. Cook in a preheated oven at 275º. We like our prime rib on the rarer side so we cook ours until the meat thermometer reads 125º in the thickest part of the roast. Depending on your oven it will take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours (although I like to take mine out every half hour and baste it with melted butter). If you have others who prefer their meat cooked to a medium or medium well you will want to cook the center to around 140º and the center should still be a medium rare while the ends more to the liking of the others in your party. 

Time to Serve

Once finished let the roast sit to rest for 10-20 minutes that way more of the juices will stay in the meat when you cut it. After that carve closely along the bones and you will have some ribs to enjoy. Our dogs Chloe and Zoey both enjoyed their ribs they received on NYE as well. 

With the ribs removed, begin carving from an end and serve with the carrots and the onions on the side. We enjoyed ours with sweet potatoes and asparagus as well. 

Here were your reactions to your first tastes of prime rib on NYE 2016. By the looks of things and the fact that you devoured every bite. I'd say this would be a great tradition for you both to carry on for your families one day.