Dating With Yokes and Running Shoes

The growth boom at North Terrace continues...we are used to adding chairs during our 3rd service but this week was the first time we had to add rows to our 2nd service as well. 

I've heard many church leaders talk about this season of growth in their churches and they always liken it to surfing a wave. I get it. We can't manipulate the waves. It's a job only God can do. Our job is to be ready and ride it out. 

Yesterday in our study of Ruth, we talked about "The Myth of the Right One" which is so prevalent in our culture. The Big Idea was: @@Dating and marriage are less about finding the right one and more about becoming the right one.@@ {tweet it out}

I'll be honest I used to think the book of Ruth was dull and avoided it whenever possible, but my personal study for this series has definitely changed my perspective.  

People have told me that they appreciate when I use props in my teaching because they make things much more memorable for them. Yesterday using a scythe, a yoke, and running shoes I told Janie I felt a bit like the comedian Carrot Top ... before the steroids.

It's a teaching tool on dating & marriage and also works in parenting! #oldskool 

It's a teaching tool on dating & marriage and also works in parenting! #oldskool 

Here's the message from Sunday for those of you are studying online along side with us. 

Lastly, I can't mention yesterday without mentioning how excited I was to see Peyton Manning close out his NFL career with a Super Bowl victory (at least I hope he retires now). As a lifelong Colts fan they just don't come with more class then #18.

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