Would the Real Boaz Please Stand Up?

The last two winters in Ohio were like Narnia under the rule of the White Witch but this past weekend I was in shorts. This meant epic battles of basketball with my boys that even resulted in Chase losing a tooth! I also was finally able to get out and grill and use my new lightsaber grill tongs Chase and Jackson got me for Christmas. This was seriously a great Christmas gift my boys picked out for me.

Yesterday we completed our 4 week journey through the book of Ruth in a sermon series called Happily, Even After. This one took me by surprise. I remember telling Chris Steele on Christmas Eve, "Pray for me. I am going to start studying for our upcoming series on Ruth and I am not looking forward to it." Can a pastor say that about a book in the Bible? Well I did because I had never connected to the story. 

Now it has become one of my favorites. It reminds us that our God [who is sovereign and good] is writing an amazing love story for all of us but if we choose not to follow Him then we will settle far, far less. I hate seeing people settle when they could have the MORE that God's wants them.

And here's another thing ... Boaz is the man. He is a leader of leaders. He is a man action. He is a protector and provider of Ruth. And he is God's man. HOW I PRAY THAT NORTH TERRACE WOULD BE FILLED WITH BOAZs. I couldn't be more serious when I say I wish that the single women in our area would come running to North Terrace because we have real men who know how to treat women like the daughters of the King that they really are. Hopefully one day it will be said, "Forget ChristianMingle.com, Tinder or FarmersOnly.com and get to North Terrace!" 

One way I see people settling for less is by consuming Internet pornography. Men, women and teenagers are allowing porn to have prominence in their lives and in doing so have given it power over them. And now that is has power in their lives it is driving the plot line of their stories. For free pornography addiction help be sure to check out XXXchurch.org

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