Happily, Even After

Let me give you a glimpse of why I love the team at North Terrace. Yesterday before our 8am service I was talking with a teammate who was visibly shaken about something. "You OK," I asked. He said, "Yeah. I'm fine. There's just so much potential that God could do through us today, I just don't want to get in the way." 


I want to be in the foxhole of church leadership with that dude. 

God definitely did something special during all three worship services. We started a new series on the book of Ruth called Happily, Even After. Through the music and through the teaching, lots of people who have gone through (or who are currently going through) seasons of famine and tragedy in their love lives heard God say to them, "I am still writing your love story. Trust Me and follow Me and I will bring you to a season of harvest." 

I was especially proud of Janie who shared from personal experience about God's sovereignty and goodness as He authors her story. I am so glad He chose to write me into her story! 

Lead Minister, Matt Mehaffey and his wife Janie kick off our series through Ruth and talk about how even in seasons of famine and tragedy God is still writing our love stories and has immeasurably more in store for us.

We were also blessed with a January day in the high 50s! This is after two brutal Ohio winters in a row. So the boys and I went outside and tossed the baseball around. How many days left until Spring Training?!? 

Then if I needed any reminder of how phenomenal my wife is, Janie said to me, "I just had an a-ha moment. It just hit me that I love baseball. I love going to baseball games, watching baseball games, playing baseball with our boys, watching them practice and I can't wait for baseball season." Yeah baby! That's my girl!