A Letter to Jackson: On Your 7th Birthday

Oh Jackson! I am such a fan of your devoted heart. You don't know how to do anything half way. You are either all in or all out. One day you didn't know anything about Pokemon, the next day you know all the names and powers. You know what foods you like and you don't see a reason to try and add flavor to them (no condiments, no sauces, no hot fudge). 

When you made the decision that you were done with the violin we knew that was it. We tried to convince you but there was no budging. Trying to change your will is like trying to push a hippopotamus uphill. You wanted to learn the drums. You started in March. And now seven months later you are playing Weezer songs.

Of course I am most proud that this year you went "all in" with Jesus and were baptized into Him. Your mom and I have prayed and prayed for you and Chase that you would hear from God and surrender to Him. I will never forget the day you told me that you wanted to follow Jesus because I knew that God was smiling over the fact that He just gained a bold and fierce warrior for His Kingdom. 

I see the leader you are becoming Jackson. Just like a drummer in a band you set the rhythm for your friends. Recently at your roller skating birthday party I was watching you skate around the rink with your friends. I watched as you noticed a younger kid having trouble skating and without hesitation you left your other friends and helped the kid up and made sure he was OK. As talented and as smart as you are (and God has abundantly blessed you in both areas) I am more proud of you because of your heart of serving others like Jesus served us.   

Thanks for regularly asking me to throw the baseball around with you when I come home from work. I love our little game we play and I am super impressed that you can make it all the way to the grass! You know, the Yankees used to have a Centerfielder named Bernie Williams who was a great ballplayer but also a phenomenal guitar player. I'm starting to think you might have a similar career path!

Year after year I write these letters and I am more and more grateful that I get to be your daddy.

I love you so much.