Better Together in 2016

  • First #MMOC blog post of 2016...let's do this!
  • Yesterday at North Terrace we started a 4-week series called WITH. Check out the shiny, new website! Kudos to Katie "don't call me Chuck" Norris for her excellent work. 
  • We also launched our new and improved program. 
  • After being gone a few weeks from North Terrace no one looked forward to being back at their "home church" than my boys. They love their church (and that makes me a very happy and proud daddy).
  • Most problems people share with me as their pastor stem from the fact that their relationships are far from what God intended for them to be.  God designed us to need to be WITH others but sin strikes at the heart of our WITH-ness. I am very excited about what God is going to do in and through our relationships during this series!  
  • We already have 300+ people connected in NT Groups but yesterday's message "Who Are You WITH?" spurred lots of new interest. You can sign up online here. We used photos of some of our current groups to create our WITH series intro video:
  • I opened up about how often times I get consumed by my own stuff when Janie gives me a honey-do list and I forget about it or texts me to stop by the store and I come home empty-handed. Afterwards one person sent me this YouTube clip. Besides the fact that the guy in the commercial loves to have fun with his two sons and drives a gray VW I am not sure what they are trying to tell me. 
  • In preparation for the message I pulled some research showing that people who have strong relational connections but have poor health habits actually lived longer than those with healthy habits but lived more isolated lives. 
  • That prompted Zac Owens to tweet this out: 
First Baptism of 2016!

First Baptism of 2016!

  • After 80 baptisms in 2015, we had our first of 2016! Congrats to Tiffany! #onemore 
  • We had twelve new families on Sunday (several of them came because they visited our Christmas Eve services). 
  • My word for 2016 is THRIVE. Praying that no matter what comes in 2016 that God will ready me and my family to THRIVE and not just survive. God is already showing that He has WAY MORE in store for us this year.

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