My Tank is Full

For an introvert like me today could be a nightmare. 

Once a month, I schedule "one-on-ones" with the North Terrace ministry team so I can check-in with them to pray for them, encourage them, challenge them and make sure we are aligned going forward. The photo above shows where you will find me from noon - 5pm (and all of this follows our weekly staff meeting which can run for a couple hours in the morning). 

Janie knows that after a day like this she will usually find me at home in the basement staring at the wall like the dude in The Blair Witch Project.

But today as person after person came into my office, an unexpected thing happened. I didn't feel my tank emptying ... it was exactly the opposite. As I listened to each person talk, I could visualize more clearly the "immeasurably more" God has in store for our church and it's flat out amazing.  

As I locked up and turned off the lights I just shook my head and said, "I can't believe I get to go to battle with this phenomenal team."