We Could Be Heroes.

  • Sunday, I had the opportunity to share the stage at North Terrace with one of my heroes. It gives me great honor to call Billy Ray a friend, and whenever I am around him my life as I know it is "disrupted" and I want to pursue Christ with even more fervor. 
  • Billy serves orphans, widows and refugees in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan. Things we see every day in the news literally effects Billy's world.  
  • Since one of our values at NT is "One more orphan and widow cared for" I can't imagine anyone more qualified to teach on the matter.
  • We also had a very cool moment that has been in the works for TWO YEARS. One of our heroic families just recently welcomed home their adopted daughter from Africa. It has been a long journey for them with some very dark times but God showed again that He is a faithful Father. 
  • Of course I had to take a selfie of that moment.
  • Can't believe that I just discovered that we have a Sunday School teacher who has been teaching the same children's class for 49 years! WHAT?!? That is amazing! Also learned that she may be moving to Springfield, OH and that is crushing news because my sons absolutely adore Ms. Cherie. She may stand at only 4'7" tall but she is a gigantic hero to many.
  • I want to leave you with a challenge for this week's #MMOC. Take 50 minutes this week and watch this phenomenal documentary about the important work that Billy and his team is doing in Iraqi/Kurdistan.

#MMOC is a weekly blog recapping the action that occurred in my life as the Lead Minister at North Terrace Church in Zanesville, OH. Feel free to comment and if you live in the Zanesville area we invite you to be part of the epic story God is writing through NT.