My Summer Project - Fire Pit

Bob Villa I am not. I am not even Handy Manny. But I've always wanted a fire pit and I had the crazy idea that I could do it.

I even did the unthinkable, when at the beginning of our summer series on the Fruit of the Spirit at North Terrace I announced to 900 of my closest friends that one of my summer projects was to build a fire pit. Talk about instant accountability. 

So I went to my Google machine and watched this DIY video about 1.3 million times and began breaking down the list of supplies that I would need. Full disclosure: I'm far more comfortable roaming around a Banana Republic and the Apple Store than a Home Depot but I can fake it pretty well. I loaded up on rebar, spray paint and cement mix and borrowed a friend's wheel barrow for step one. As you can tell by the photos below, my assistants were fully engaged during this stage. You can practically see the visions of marshmallows-roasting, dancing in their heads. 

You won't see my boys in any more pictures during the construction process because they were nowhere to be found. They lost interest. 

Next step was to get lots and lots of mortar, field stone and fire bricks. Our friends Jarrod and Ashley were generous to let us come and get a bunch from their farm. The fire bricks I planned to buy ... until I saw how much they cost! Another friend offered a better solution for us. He gave us 50 tempered bricks that either used to be part of the roads in downtown Zanesville or part of an old school that was torn down. Either way, I love the fact that there is a story to our bricks AND even more that they were free. 

After lots of sweaty hours mixing mortar and laying stone and bricks, Chase made an appearance only to ask, "This is all that you have done, Dad?" Always the encourager that one. 

Several days later the fire pit was done. And I have to say, I actually impressed myself. 

And as you can tell, now that the job was done the boys reappeared and were in true pyromaniac form. Now pass me the graham crackers cause I have a flaming marshmallow to rescue off one of the boy's roasting fork.