Generosity Feeds

  • What a phenomenal Sunday from start to finish. The amazing "Fall-is-in-the-air" weather didn't hurt. 
  • Chris Steele dominated the message, "Will You Be There For Me?" in our Four Questions Every Kid Needs Answered series. When he speaks on parenting, I listen because I see the evidence of what he and Tonya are doing in their two sons Jonah and Levi. Those are two young men I want my boys to look up to...and they do. 
  • Inspired by Tonya Steele's illustrative note-taking during sermons I decided to try out my Paper app on my iPad and sketch out my notes from Chris' message. 
  • How cool was it to see a brand new family on the worship team with the dad on drums, mom on vocals and daughter on bass guitar? We have our new Van Trapps. 
  • Since I didn't have preaching duties today I had the opportunity to serve on the VIP Team and greet people as they were coming in. This team of leaders is on the frontline of ministry each and every Sunday. 
  • After third service we ran home and ate lunch so we could be back for our Generosity Feeds event by 1:30. Way too many kids are going hungry in Muskingum County and we partnered with local schools and businesses to help change the math. 
  • I knew this was going to be a great event but my expectations were completely blown away. The energy and party-like atmosphere of the 500+ people serving and packing lunches was contagious. It reminded me that no one should out-party Christians because of the complete joy Jesus brings...and Jesus was often sighted at parties. 
  • Two local news agencies covered the big day. Here is the story from the Zanesville Times Recorder and here is the link to WHIZ News
  • One of my favorite sights of the day was seeing so many children of all ages serving right along side their parents. Those are the kind of memories that are going to stick with them for a long time.
  • My least favorite sight of the day was of our North Terrace staff doing the Cupid Shuffle on stage. We definitely need to "Stay Our Lane" (although Zac Owens definitely has the moves). Forgive me for not sharing the link. It's out there and last I looked it has received 2,500 views. Internet is forever, kids. 
  • We ended up packing 20,550 meals in two hours and those meals will be distributed to eight schools in our community who will in turn give them to children in need. 

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