Parenting, the NFL, and Locally Grown Vegetables

  • We started a new series this week on parenting called "Four Questions Every Kid Needs Answered." These are vital questions our kids won't ask us out loud but they need us to answer.
  • I hear from so many parents at North Terrace who want to be great parents/pastors of their kids but struggle to do the right thing. Janie and I are battling right along side of them. Praying this series will be a breakthrough for many and will start many healthy steps of action in our homes.
  • Today's message was on the question, "What are the Boundaries?" 
  • What challenged me the most in this message was that I need to model the behavior I want to see in my NOT talking trash on to an eight year old on the baseball diamond. Not my finest moment. 
  • Zac Owens introduced a song by All Sons and Daughters called "Christ Be All Around Me" and its stuck with me in a good way. 
  • Another NFL season is upon us and nothing has changed. My Colts still can't stop the run, the Pats can't stop cheating and I can't stop watching the Red Zone Channel.
  • My Fantasy Football team started off painfully slow but the league I am in is going to be a lot of fun. 
  • One thing I love about living in Zanesville is the strong sense of community. I was reminded of that when we attended the Hittle Farm CSA "Dinner on the Farm" and were treated to a hog roast and amazing sides. The boys immediately found a bunch of their friends and played on the bounce house and fed corn stalks to cows. Oh, and there was a S'mores Bar. 
  • Zanesville is definitely a great place to raise up our boys and grow as parents.

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