Rafting, Risk-taking and Lipstick for Men

  • Sunday is always a packed day for me but today was a blur. But a good blur.
  • I couldn't wait to teach yesterday's message because it's one that is so close to who I want my family to be. 
  • I literally wrote this message in my head while rafting with my family on the Sturgeon River in Northern Michigan. If you are ever in the area and want a great river experience like we had, go see Jamie at Sturgeon River Outfitters.
  • Thanks to Dunham's Sporting Goods for letting me use of one their rafts on stage to help drive (float?) the message home.
  • Summer is officially over and so is the summer attendance slump. Great to talk to a full house today in our 2nd and 3rd services. 
  • We shared a BIG update about our church plant in Barranquilla, Colombia. Casa Mayor is off to a great start, along with the Child Development Center that Compassion International has setup through the church. Here's the update. 
  • It was very cool to watch Chris Steele step in and help a single mom who was having a rough morning. That guy was born for the role he is in. So glad he is on our team. 
  • 3rd service ended with my friend Oz making the decision to be baptized. Such a cool moment!
  • God is moving in the lives of people at North Terrace. The stories of life change we keep hearing about are just adding cans of gasoline to an already raging fire!
  • We had another visitor from the year 2025. This time it was Zac's turn.
  • It is very strange seeing your son play the role of someone's son. It got a big laugh though.
  • The Big Idea for Sunday was:
  • My parents surprised us as they were driving back from a trip out east and stopped in at the 11am service. 
  • It's a given that when I'm teaching on "leading your family" and my parents are in the room I'm going to get choked up. By parents definitely did what this quote from Craig Groeschel says:
Our greatest priority as Christian parents is to gradually transfer our children’s dependence away from us until it rest solely on God.
— Craig Groeschel
  • Today was Jisoo's (our foreign exchange student from South Korea) first Sunday at North Terrace. I am constantly amazed at the leadership of our High School students and how they made him feel so welcome. 
  • After 3rd service my parents took my family and Jisoo out to Ichiban, our local Japanese steakhouse. I still think of the Friends episode where Joey did a Japanese TV ad for Ichiban - "lipstick for men" whenever I eat there.
  • The church picnic wrapped up the evening and it is always a great place to connect with people I just don't have the time to see on Sunday morning. 
  • The slip and slide of doom returned and it was a huge hit with the kids and even more so with the teens. 
  • These High School guys may look like maniacs but I am thankful that my boys have all of these young men to look up to.
  • Fortunately, there were no trips to the emergency room this year (not even Jeremy Bosshammer).
  • It's like I said in my message ... if you want to lead your family on a great adventure you have to take risks. 

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