Home Alone

Today is the day I have been dreading for years.

Friday has always been my "day off" from work and for the last six years the question I have asked myself has been, "What am I going to do with the boys today?" Janie typically has work on Fridays so it was these days we would:

  • go exploring in Downtown Miami with our Bob Double Jogger. (see photo -->)
  • hang with the mouse on many day trips to Disney World (when we lived in Orlando).
  • learn new things like how to ride bikes without training wheels.
  • bring the beatdown on hordes of zombies, creepers and other baddies in the world of Minecraft.

Last Fall, however, our trio went down to two as Chase went off to all day, everyday Kindergarten and so it was just Jackson and me having lots of Friday adventures together. 

But today Jackson started Kindergarten. I've lost my lil wing man and I am not OK with this. I can't even imagine going through the whole "empty nest" thing in about 13 years. 

Sure I gain a day to do "what I want" but I would trade those in a heartbeat to hang out with my knuckleheads. I am so proud of these guys and excited for them to begin to uncover the immeasurably more God has in store for them.  

I just hope the school is ready for this pair.