Taiwan's High Abortion Rate Hits Close to Our Home and Hearts

This morning I was thinking about Chase and Jackson‘s birth mom in Taiwan. We have never met her but she is never far from our mind. When we traveled to Taiwan we learned of the alarming abortion rate (some estimates say for every child born, three children are aborted). We are so grateful for organizations like Ray of Hope in Tainan who are standing in the gap for the unborn and for scared and confused young women. Only God knows where our sons would be without them.  

I turned to Google and entered the words “Taiwan’s abortion rate” and clicked on the first link from a news site called Asia Sentinel. Then my heart stopped. 

It wasn’t the content of the article that shocked me. No, it only verified what I already knew. 

It was the photo of eleven Taiwanese babies that accompanied the article that grabbed my attention (update: looks like they took down the photo after I posted this blog).

This photo is from The Home of God’s Love in Yilan County, Taiwan and our son, Jackson, is the third child from the right on the bottom row. The caption reads “these made it through.” If the above statistic is correct, 33 children did not

We are so grateful to the young woman in Taiwan who after making a series of bad choices demonstrated great courage when she chose not to remedy those bad choices by making a far worse one. Your bravery allowed for these smiles to shine.