Innocent Faces Armed with Snowballs

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, I couldn’t get the boys to stay out in the snow longer than ten minutes but today was another story entirely.

I credit the biggest difference to the two coats we borrowed from their cousin Ryne who has outgrown them. Being Florida boys, Chase and Jackson, have never owned coats.

We braved this particularly blustery day for one purpose … to build a snowman. Somehow the boys quickly changed that plan to bombarding yours truly with a barrage of snowballs while I was busy building the snowman. It felt like that scene in the movie Elf where Buddy and his half-brother are ambushed in Central Park. 

They look harmless, right? But here’s the problem. When they are at this age (3 and 4), I feel bad if I block or dodge their frozen projectiles — I even scooted closer so I was an easier target! This resulted in several snowballs hitting in just the right spots where snow fell down my shirt and pants. Not exactly ideal. 

Now when they get to be 6 and 7 … NO MORE MR. NICE DADDYMATT.