First Day at North Terrace

We've been in Zanesville now for a little over a week but already it is feeling like home. This is true because of so many new "family" members we have from the North Terrace Church of Christ who have gone above and beyond in welcoming us. I'm not going to mention the people by name because there are just too many and I'd hate to leave someone out.

Instead of mentioning the WHOS I will mention the HOWS...

1. One person flew to Orlando and drove the other moving truck all the way to Zanesville. 

2. We were met at the church by a team of people welcoming us to town. 

3. A bunch of people worked tirelessly on a small house next to the church, renovating it so we could have a place to stay until we found a house of our own to buy. I wish I had some "before photos" because they did a serious Extreme Home Makeover on it. 

4. While that house was being worked on another family housed us for a week. Honestly, we didn't really want to leave it was so comfortable.

5. We have visited a bunch of prospective houses with our realtor and were serious about four. One guy in the church came with us to all four of those homes and put his eyes of expertise on them pointing out major red flags that actually saved us from a lot of future trouble and he helped point us to the right house we are in process of buying.

6. One person parked one of his semi-truck trailers outside of our transitional home so we could store a lot of our stuff. After we close on our house in July he will simply connect the cab and drive it to our new home!

7. Some of my teammates in the office scrubbed my office walls and hauled out tons of stuff. Now someone is coming later to paint the walls.

8. There have been so many others who have dropped by to say "Welcome" and who have offered to help in any way. 

9. One family took us out to the local Japanese hibachi restaurant. I can see that place becoming a Mehaffey favorite. 

10. OK I will drop one name. Today I came into my office for the first time and received a little goodie bag from my best friend and head cheerleader, Janie.

Now I know why Bill Meaige has stayed here for 30 years and counting! It is so humbling to be working along side such a great group of people. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.