Destination: Zanesville, OHIO

The waiting is over. Our stuff sitting in storage lockers in Orlando is about to see the light of day again!

We are moving to Zanesville, Ohio!

Just got the call less than an hour ago from the elders at North Terrace Church of Christ with the news that the vote was an overwhelming 99+% affirming me as the new Lead Minister!!! [I think that news is worthy of three exclamation marks.]

Back in January, I was reading the story from Genesis where Abraham’s servant traveled to find a wife for Isaac. When he arrived at the well, where all the women came to get water, he prayed that God would show him the right one. God showed him in a very clear way who He had chosen for Isaac…Rebekah. Now he would just need to convince her dad and her brother Laban.

When they arrived at her home he told them what had happened; how God had clearly led him to Rebekah. Then the big question came. “So can she come back with me to marry Isaac?”

Their response was, “This is from the Lord. What can we say?”

My prayer since then has been that God would make it so clear to us AND to the church that calls us that He would basically remove the choice for all of us. It appears God has answered that prayer in an exponential way. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to God and the leaders and people of North Terrace. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us!!!