Kindergarten Musings

So yeah. This happened today. Chase is officially a kindergartener. 6 hours a day. Every weekday.



A small part of me woke up this morning and thought, "If I don't get out of bed today maybe this won't happen." But the vast majority of me was excited for Chase because I am confident he is going to thrive in school. I'm just going to miss him a ton.

Every night Janie reminds Chase before bed that God has big plans for him. I concur. And while a great education isn't everything, it certainly helps those plans become a reality. This morning at the breakfast table we talked about the values of our family and one of those is "Be A Learner." I said, "Chase, in the classroom you need to be a sponge."  Chase raised his eyebrow (just like his dad) and gave me a puzzled look. After I explained what I meant he and his brother both cracked up at the thought of them soaking up everything around them. But it was clear the message had been absorbed.

So with book bag and lunch box in tow we dropped him off for his first day of school. Chase gave us a little wave, walked right in the building and didn't turn back. We drove off. No one said a word for a long minute. I think in that moment even little brother in the backseat began to realize the change our family was beginning to experience. I'm definitely sad to see life where both boys aren't around us all the time but I am thrilled to have a front row seat to watch God do great things through both of my boys as they go through life.