Jackson Ain't Got No Time For Training Wheels

Remember when I took the training wheels off Chase's bike? Hard to believe that was a little less than two years ago and Chase had just turned four.

Well, Friday was Jackson's turn. I have been promising him all summer we would go over to the church parking lot and give it a go and then it hit me about a week ago that summer is about over. So we loaded up the boys' bikes and headed to North Terrace.

Full disclosure: I was eight years old when I finally learned to ride my bike without training wheels. I have vivid memories of friends stopping by my house to see if I wanted to ride bikes and telling them I couldn't because my tires were flat.

My tires were flat for three years.

Jackson was determined to learn while he was four years old just like his brother. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry to spur one on. Here's how it went.


Jackson picked it up like a champ. He did have a couple of falls but each time he jumped right back on. I was really proud of his resolve. The rest of the weekend was spent going round and round and round the parking lot.

So we are officially a training wheels free family!

And of course there was celebratory Whit's ice cream involved.