A Letter to Chase: On Your 5th Birthday

My Little Man, Chase...

First off I am not a fan at the frequency in which these birthday blog posts seem to be coming.


I just read your birthday blog post from last year and it made me laugh that I made such a big deal about you riding a big boy bike with training wheels. I was impressed. But you were just bored. You couldn't get those training wheels off fast enough. Two months after you turned four you were a two-wheeling maniac!

We crammed a lot of life and a lot of change into the last year, didn't we Chase? One of the major transitions was our move from Orlando to Ohio. This wasn't your first move but this time I could tell it made you sad. You loved our house in Lake Nona and you especially loved our neighbors Kamryn and Drew. I know because it's been eight months since we moved and you still thank God for them every time you pray. This was the first time your mom and I made a big decision where we could tell it really impacted you. I know it was hard for you little man, but I appreciate how you have adapted to all the changes and how you have learned to love #LifeInZanesville.

One of my favorite things about you is watching your mind work. The way you process new experiences fascinates me. Case in point, recently we were talking about our upcoming family vacation to Disney World in December. I was telling you about our flight to Orlando and as I was talking I watched as your eyes went up and to the left and I knew you were no longer listening to what I was saying. You were imagining yourself sitting in that window seat,looking down on the clouds and whatever you were picturing made you giddy cause you broke out in the biggest smile. I can't wait for that plane ride so I can experience it through your eyes.

Speaking of learning, your sponge-like brain just keeps soaking in new information as fast as it can. This past year you caught your first fish, you learned lots about the Presidents of the United States (you love that Taft was so fat he got stuck in the bathtub), and you're a walking GPS for your mom and me (tonight when your mom and I got lost driving to a friend's house, we didn't ask Siri...we asked you). Now that you have begun Preschool, I pray your thirst for knowledge and wisdom only grows.



But I don't want you to think you are all brain. You are all boy too--as evidenced by your constantly skinned knees, dirty nails, and band-aids (lots of band-aids).

Another big change to our life in Zanesville is me working in an office and not from home (which I was blessed to be able to do ever since you entered our lives). But this too has its perks I've learned.

1. Whenever I'm heading out the door, you say to me, "Have a great day at work dad, tell me all about it when you get back!"

2. There's the awesome Bye Bye song you two knuckleheads made up.

3. Our picnic lunches on my office floor when you guys surprise me with a visit.

4. And the big hugs I get when I get home.

I just love being your daddy, Chase! Best. Gig. Ever!

(Now just promise me it will be a few more years until I have to write your 6th Birthday blog post.)