The Leader Within

I enjoy reading autobiographies or biographies of great leaders.  Since last year was an election year I found myself studying past U.S. presidents: George Washington, John Adams, and Harry S. Truman.

One of my favorite stories is of George Washington as he traveled from Virginia to Boston to lead the militia against the British.  He made a brief stop in Philadelphia to meet a lawyer named Joseph Reed who would serve as his guide the rest of the way.  Reed, having a wife and children back home, was supposed to drop the General off in Boston and go back home but he ended up staying for months.  He was so overwhelmed by Washington’s character and leadership he later said, “I thought myself bound by every tie of duty and honor to comply with his request to help through the sea of difficulties” (check out 1776 by David McCullough pg. 44 for more).

One of the best memoirs of an extraordinary leader comes from a place you might not expect.  The Bible. The lessons on leadership from the memoirs of Nehemiah (aka the book of Nehemiah) are worth checking out.

During the month of January, at The Pursuit Church, we are going through a 4-week study on the book of Nehemiah and looking at how we can become people of influence.