A Letter to Jackson: On Your 5th Birthday

Dear Jack Jack,

Even though you are our second child, you definitely DO NOT play second fiddle to anyone!

Growing up I had to follow in the footsteps of my three older siblings who were all known for excelling in something. Chip – athletics. Kim – athletics. Daria – A+++++ student and every teachers’ favorite student. During my school years I was good in many things but I never excelled in anything. I doubt many of my teachers even knew my name cause they always referred to me as Daria’s brother or little Chip or Chip off the old block.

Because of my experience, I’ve always been curious how you would handle experiencing everything a year after Chase.

First Day of Preschool at North Terrace Christian Preschool

This Fall you started preschool at North Terrace Christian Preschool and you even have the same teacher (Ms. Tina) that Chase had. And you LOVE it. Tuesday and Thursdays are a blast for you and you love telling us about all your new friends and the new things you are learning.

You also crossed a major item off of your bucket list this year when we went to Disney World and you dueled your archnemesis, Darth Vader at the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Chase did this when he turned four and you could not wait to have your turn. You trained the entire year and Vader never stood a chance.

Chase learned to ride his bike when he was 4, which I thought was a remarkable feat seeing that I didn’t learn until I was in 4th grade! But then you came along and said, “I can do that too.” And you did.

Bye Bye Training Wheels

Bye Bye Training Wheels

But you are not content in just following your older brother. You are stepping out and doing your own things as well. You are learning the violin and you LOVE to play the song 10,000 Reasons with me as I play guitar. I love our little jam sessions, little buddy.

You also tried out for a part in the Christmas musical at church and got a speaking part! You were fired up. I can’t wait to see you on stage. You are going to bring a lot of smiles to the faces in the audience.

One more thing, Jackson. I love how you are quick to think of others before you think of yourself. There are so many examples of this but the most recent was on the soccer field. You were playing goalie (the position that every kid on the team wants to play). When coach wanted to give someone else a turn he said, “Jackson it’s Chase’s turn to play goalie.” I watched as your first instinct was to run over to your brother with excitement and say, “Let’s go Chase! You are the best goalie!”

Little man, I could learn a thing or two from you.

Happy Birthday, Jackson. I love you.

Your Daddy