A Letter to Chase: On Your 6th Birthday


Not only did God give me the two best sons a guy could ask for but He also gave them to me in the perfect order. You were meant to be the big brother because you are such a fearless pioneer. You love to lead and you’re good at it. Your brother worships the ground you walk on, too.

I am floored by your confidence when facing brand new and challenging adventures. A little over a month ago you started all-day kindergarten which is a huge jump from 1/2 day preschool on only Tuesdays and Thursdays. HUGE! And yet I’ll never forget the first day of school when mom, brother and I drove you and we worked our way through the traffic and up to the drop-off point. My heart pounded for you as we said a brief prayer for you. You kissed us all goodbye, grabbed your backpack, hopped out of the car and never turned back.


First Day of kindergarten at nashport Elementary

You and your brother just started gymnastics which has been perfect for our family. At least it’s perfect for mom and dad because you guys sleep like rocks after you exert all that energy! It’s perfect for you too because your body was meant for gymnastics. As I said recently on Twitter:


When I was in High School I always dreaded the “pull-up” portion of the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. I would dangle and my arms would spasm but I could never muster of the strength to do even one pull-up. Then there was this one kid in class who was small but had a lot of power in his small frame and the P.E. teacher basically had to tell him to stop doing pull-ups because he needed to get everyone through the test. You are THAT kid.

The first day of gymnastics you walked up to the military-style climbing rope that stretches at least 30 ft. to the ceiling. Your mom and I were watching behind the glass in the room where the rest of the parents sit. I said to your mom, “Watch this.” You effortlessly shimmied your body halfway up that rope and could have gone even further but the shocked instructor nervously told you to come back down.


God has big plans for you, Chase. That’s not the first time we’ve told you this and it certainly won’t be the last. He has given you a fearless heart for a reason. The world is much bigger than our little corner of the globe. There are big and daunting problems in this world that are just waiting to be toppled by a fearless, godly, young man like yourself. God is already telling a great story through your life.

I couldn’t be more proud of you.

I love you my fearless, little six-year old.