Four Ashley's Walk Into a Baptismal Tub

  • One thing that never gets old about my "job" is seeing people take next steps in their journey with Jesus. Yesterday, we saw that in spades. 
  • In week 2 of our Strange Practices series we looked at baptism and how we are "clothed with Christ" through baptism and how God gives us a new identity. 
  • It made me think of how my boys put on the persona of Lebron James when they throw on their #23 jerseys. 
  • Twelve people during the morning spontaneously decided to go public with their faith.
  • During the 11 a.m. service, I baptized three Ashley's in a row (no joke) and I said, "If there are any other Ashley's out there, I think God is coming after you. It's not too late for you." After hearing that, another Ashley got up and brought her friend Kim with her and they were both baptized ... but we baptized Ashley first. (I may have found my entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.)
This is NOT one of the Ashley's. 

This is NOT one of the Ashley's. 

  • God wasn't done showing off though. Over the last 24 hours we baptized three more people. We literally ran out of towels in our changing rooms!
  • The timing of this movement of God can't be ignored. A few weeks ago I prayed that God would wake us up and shake us up.
  • Prayer should always be our first response instead of our last resort. As Augustine said, "Pray as though everything depends on God. Work as though everything depends on you."
  • And that's what we have done. Three weeks ago at a staff meeting we put the number "25" on our check-in board at the office and committed to pray that God would help 25 people find their way back to Him before the end of 2015 at North Terrace. 
  • This is what the board looks like today...
  • God is not done calling Ashleys and Juans and Scotts and (whatever your name is) to be clothed in Christ and to come home to Him.  

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