How Do You Spell "Thank You?" BBQ

  • I usually stick to recapping only what happened on Sundays in my Monday Morning Office Chair blog posts but this time I need to mention what happened on Saturday evening as well. 
  • A family that just moved to Zanesville and started attending North Terrace back in August invited the entire ministry staff over to their house for the tastiest BBQ I've ever had. They're originally from Texas so they know good BBQ. Apparently, this is something they do every October wherever they live since it's #PastorAppreciationMonth. 
  • What a blessing to have a family like this move in! They jumped right in and got their teen involved in NT Students, their nine-year old in our NT Kids ministry and they've already found a place to serve as a family. On top of that, they have already invited one family (that I know of) to join them at North Terrace and they have begun coming to the church as well! 
  • Sunday we continued to celebrate the WIN that was Generosity Feeds and we showed the following video:
  • Can't say enough about our Generosity Feeds event. It hasn't even been a week since our food packing party and I have already heard stories about teachers in local schools distributing meals to kids.
Chase surrounded by 20,550 meals ready to go to children in our community.

Chase surrounded by 20,550 meals ready to go to children in our community.

  • My announcement time was interrupted by a "Doomsday Prepper" (a.k.a. Jake from State Farm, a.k.a one of our church elders, Tim Norris). Can't wait until this Sunday when we kick off our new series. #AreYouPrepping
  • We wrapped our Four Questions Every Kid Needs Answered series with the question "What Am I Here For?"
  • Chris Steele was joined on stage by his wife Tonya who admittedly stepped far outside of her comfort zone to speak in front of 800 people. You wouldn't be able to tell though. The Steele's are a dynamic family and everyone learned a lot from them. Here are my notes from Sunday again using the Paper app by 53. #MadeWithPaper
  • I couldn't help but remember back to February 2014, when Janie and I shared the stage during our He Said, She Said series. In case you didn't notice, both Chris and I married two phenomenal women. 
  • One more thing. After having two weeks off from preaching...I am done prepping and ready to go!

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