A Letter to Chase: On Your 3rd Birthday

My Little Chase Man,

Happy birthday, you little monkey! You have no idea how proud I am that I get to be your daddy. I know I tell you that every night before you go to sleep but it never stops being true.

Never in my life have I seen such an inquisitive kid, and I love, love, love that about you. I wish I could crawl inside your sponge-like brain and watch as it processes what you experience. When you play with something new, from a bystander’s perspective, it would appear you aren’t enjoying it. What really is happening is you are carefully and thoroughly examining it so you can learn how it works. Only when you are truly satisified you have it completely figured out do you allow your face to show you are having fun. It makes me laugh that last year at this time we took you to a speech therapist because we knew you could understand what was being said but you weren’t talking a whole lot. Now you are using well thought out, long sentences and we should have known that the whole time you were being quiet you were just figuring it out in your head first!

Just south of your big brain, Chasey, you also have a good heart. You are a big help to your mom and me. You are our assistant chef, who still breaks an egg better than I do. You are my gas pump helper, my grocery hauler compadre, and our laundry sidekick. You love to ask, “Daddy, can Chasey help you?” Followed by the most adorable, “PLLLEEEASE!!!” You also have a tendency to play the role of Jackson’s third parent but we would like for you to stop doing that.

My prayer for you is, that as you grow, your inquisitive mind will dig deep into the wisdom of God because his “foolishness is wiser than any human wisdom.” And that your heart will be firmly placed into the trust of Jesus Christ. I know God has a big plan for you, my little man. He has protected your life on several occasions. Your story was a thrilling one even before you were born!

Your mom and I feel very humbled God would trust us with your life and the life of your brother.

I love you even more than you love choo choos.

Your Daddy