Nerf Guns, A Rough Night in Sports and Preaching On Hell

  • Sunday morning I refilled my coffee cup, kissed Janie and the boys goodbye and Jackson met me with, "Daddy, you're not going to spend much time with the birthday boy today." Ouch. Truth hurts.
  • Before you accuse me of being a poor father, we did celebrate Jackson's birthday all day Saturday, squeezed in some birthday time on Sunday and I just returned from taking him his favorite food from Taco Bell to his school and ate with him during his lunch period.
  • Jackson was right though. I didn't see him much on Sunday.
  • I continued our Doomsday Preppers series and preached a message called "Prepping For Hell." I'm stating the obvious that this wasn't the most comfortable message I've ever taught. I had someone recently say to me, "With big changes in our culture and studies showing people in the U.S. leaving the church, many churches are pulling back on some of their more difficult teachings in order to draw more people." And then he asked, "Do you ever see yourself doing that?" My response was, "While a lot of churches are doing exactly what you said, those aren't the churches that are growing. It's the churches that have stayed committed to balancing God's Truth and Grace that are going against the trends and are growing and reaching more and more people. That is who we will always be."  If you're interested, here's my message.
  • After our three services we had a great group of guests join us for Starting Point Lunch where the leaders of North Terrace and our families get to share a meal with them and get to know one another.
  • Some very kind and generous people gave Chase and Jackson some Nerf guns for their birthdays so my Sunday afternoon was spent getting drilled by nerf darts. 
  • In the evening, I went back to North Terrace to co-teach our monthly Discovery Class. We had an awesome group and several people are taking next steps to be baptized and become new members of the church because of what God did last night. 
  • As I am writing this I can overhear Chris Steele in his office making phone calls to all of our guests who came for the first time yesterday. Those are fun conversations to eavesdrop on! Praying that some of those phone calls will become people I will meet at next month's Starting Point Lunch and Discovery Class.
  • When I got home after DC my introvert tank was definitely on empty. It would be a quiet, albeit not fulfilling, night of Colts vs Pats and Cubs vs Mets. The Colts succeeded in pulling out the dumbest play in the history of the NFL (goodbye Pagano) and the Cubs dug themselves into a 2-0 hole in the NLCS. I so badly want my dad to see the Cubs win a World Series. The guy has cheered for the lovable losers for almost 80 years! Maybe being a Cubs fan is a foretaste of what Hell is like. 

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