A Letter to Jackson: On Your 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday, my little Jack-attack!

You are the laughter of our home. Making others laugh comes so naturally to you! You and Chase went to your first Christmas play practice yesterday and I imagine you will be the kid on stage who will not be satisfied until the entire audience is in hysterics over your antics. Your mother and I will be sitting close to the front beaming over the fact you are our son.

You know what else I love about you? Whatever you do, you throw yourself into it with 100% determination. Nothing will deter you. Whether it is that bowl full of spaghetti you are sizing up or that rope bridge at the playground I foolishly thought you were to small to cross.

Sometimes you use that power for good but there are other times … well, if you weren’t so darn cute. Take bed time for example. Because you and your brother share a room, and many times a bed, one of us will sit in with you guys until both of you are dreaming of choo choos. Chase is out fast but not you, my son. Your mother and I combined have easily spent a quarter of a year waiting in the dark for you to fall asleep. One day we will get our revenege. No matter how frustrated I get, you flash that smile and I melt and fall in love with you all over again. I have no problem admitting you have that power over me.

My prayer for you, Jack Jack, is that your insatiable drive will be directed first towards God and then, through Him, towards the journey He has already prepared for you. I think of Paul the Apostle who, before he knew Christ, was driven to pursue and imprison anyone who followed Jesus. Yet, once his eyes were opened to the truth, his same drive was firmly applied to helping others find their way back to God.

May your God-given, tenacious drive and conviction be with you always. Never apolgize for it. I admire that about you, Jackson (I’ve just learned to bring my iPad with me when I tuck you in).

You have my heart little man,

Your Proud Daddy