A Letter to Jackson: On Your 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!

Wherever you go you leave a wake of smiles behind you. You love when the spotlight is on you and know how to captivate your audience. Every night before bedtime we have a time of sharing our “Favorite Part of the Day.” To select who will go first, I will do a round of eeny meenie miny moe (usually as some silly character that makes you and Chase laugh). One day recently you asked if you could lead it and I stepped aside and watched you take the stage. In no time, you had us laughing harder than I could ever have done. Needless to say everyone’s “favorite part of the day” was watching you do eeny meenie miny moeTwo years ago, I wrote in your birthday letter that you were meant for center stage and I definitely hit the bullseye with that remark.

Another thing your mom and I have noticed about you is you know when to let others have the spotlight and let them have their moment. Chase’s birthday is twelve days before yours and it can’t be easy to watch your sibling get so much attention when you know your birthday is around the corner. If it was, you didn’t show it. When Chase scored his first goal at soccer you cheered him. When Chase fought Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios you were in the front row saying, “Go Chase!”

Little man, you owned being 2.

In June, you got on a tricycle for the first time at your Grandma and Grandpa’s and decided to ride it for a mile (not exaggerating). Your Grandpa still talks about your feat to this day.

Also this summer when we were in the throes of potty training Chase, you were observing the process and decided on your own, “I got this!” And by golly, you did. Our wallet thanks you. Diapers are expensive!

Just like Chase, you started swim lessons this year. Being a year younger and your body not quite as developed you struggled through your first couple weeks of lessons. There were even some moments when you weren’t sure you wanted to go back. But you sir, are a fighter. Just this week I took you and Chase swimming at the community pool and posed a floating competition. You both got on your backs and after twenty-five seconds Chase turned over and swam back to the wall. You could have stopped then and you would have been victorious but you went on for a whole minute!!! Didn’t I say you love it when everyone is watching you?

Jackson, a lot of younger siblings feel lost in their older brother’s shadow, but I have a strong suspicion this will not be the case for you. You are already making your own mark. You are uniquely and wonderfully made by our Creator and He has huge plans for your life.

So ends two consecutive years we have had a two year old in our house. Your mom and I are still waiting to find out what these “terrible twos” are all about.

I love you, Jack Jack. Have yourself a day.

Your Biggest Fan,